The Whole Bolivian Army
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Matt Bleckert, The Whole Bolivian Army BLECKERT, MATT "STICKS"
Drums, 2010
Rock steady and groovalicious, Matt paced TWBA through its busiest spring and summer in years in 2010, laying down the rhythm on stages big and small. A veteran of the South Sound music scene, Matt has played with several bands over the years. His latest project, J Mac Cadillac, continues to tour the local circuit.
Art Chavez, The Whole Bolivian Army CHAVEZ, ART
Drums, 1993
Joined in 1993. Played over a dozen shows with the band at venues ranging from the Off Ramp to the Swan Café. Recorded TWBA's first demo (Sea Bus, Freak Show, Ghost in My Head, and Monster Song). Impressed the whole band one night in Pioneer Square when, after finishing a set with TWBA, went over to another bar a few doors down and sat in with a blues band. Currently living his wife Gayle in San Jose, CA, where he is playing regularly on the club and festival circuits.
Jenny Fox of Way South FOX, JENNY
Backing vocals, percussion, 1994-1995
Armed with a microphone and a tambourine, Jenny arrived as Brenda Hazen's replacement shortly after the Hazens left. She was also a lyricist and guitarist/bass player. She shared lead duties with Brenda and Mary Beth one fabled night at the Swan Cafe, when MB was ailing with the flu. But her stay was a relatively short one, unfotunately, and her singing never made it onto a TWBA recording. Now with Way South.
Chris Gorczyca, The Whole Bolivian Army GORCZYCA, CHRIS
Drums, 2007-present
A talented drummer with a penchant for writing complicated parts and interesting rhythms, Chris provided the punchy backbeat on Bells (2011) and the EP Morning After Food Poisoning in the South of France (2008). Among other projects, he recently recorded a tribute CD to his late brother Andrew Gorczyca, which featured the playing of several renowned musicians, including Adrian Belew, Nick D'Virgilio, Mike Keneally, and Yogi.
Chris Gunn, The Whole Bolivian Army GUNN, CHRIS
Bass, 2003
His was a short stint, as far as TWBA enlistments go, but Chris stuck around long enough to lay down the bass tracks on War Stories (2003) and play a handful of shows. Chris, a solo artist from Port Townsend with several self-released albums under his belt, gave War Stories just the right amount of dirt and punk rock ethos. Instead of trying to pick up where Jay had left off, he made his own sound. Grrrr.
Brenda Hazen, The Whole Bolivian Army HAZEN, BRENDA
Back-up vocals, percussion, 1993-1995, present
Brenda joined shortly after Dan and ended up singing back-up vocals on "Hymn 522" and "Fear" on Hazen (1995). Banged the heck out of a wood block when necessary. Impressed the band a year earlier when she sang Jefferson Airplane's "White Rabbit" at a barbecue in Smokey Point, Wash. Returned to record backing vocals on four tracks on Siren (2013). 
Dan Hazen of The Whole Bolivian Army HAZEN, DAN
Drums, 1993-1995, present
Dan played on TWBA's first release, a 5-song EP entitled Hazen (1995). Appreciated for his leadership skills and infectious enthusiasm, Dan (along with his wife, Brenda) had to leave TWBA for domestic reasons (i.e., work, children, etc.). An hour-long commute from Smokey Point to Georgetown for practice twice a week made the decision easier. Returned to record drums on four tracks on Siren (2013).
Roger Johnson, The Whole Bolivian Army JOHNSON, ROGER
Drums, 1999-present
Yes, Roger asks that we refer to him not as a drummer, but as a drum player. There is a huge difference, as anyone will note after listening to Roger beat his bumble-bee-yellow drum set into submission. Roger's handiwork is featured on Be (2001) as well as Siren (2013). He has played countless shows with TWBA, steadfastly and enthusiastically pounding out the meter behind the melody.
Steve Miller, of The Whole Bolivian Army MILLER, STEVE
Bass, 1993-1997
TWBA owes its name to Miller, who culled The Whole Bolivian Army from a page-long list of potential names, including Epstein's Mother, Hairnet Fiasco and Stop Hitting Me. Steve played on several early TWBA recordings, two of which saw the light of day: Hazen (1995) and The Whole Bolivian Army (1997). After TWBA parted ways with him in the spring of 1997, Steve left the band with, among other things, a self-monitoring cheese detector. It still works. Mostly.
Mike Mongrain, The Whole Bolivian Army MONGRAIN, MIKE
Drums, 2009
Okay, Mike only lasted one show with us, due to other commitments on his part and general slacker-ness on ours. But oh my, the guy could play. Imagine Keith Moon and John Bonham mating in outer space (or something similarly cataclysmic). Mike, whose resume includes stints with Tad and Love Battery, truly brought it. Alas, only one semi-sober audience (at a show in Lakewood, WA!?!) witnessed his muscular tribute to rock and roll.
Jay Perry, The Whole Bolivian Army PERRY, JAY
Bass, 1997-2004
The throbbing undercurrent on Spinner (1998), Amnesty (1999), and Be (2001), Jay gave the band the confidence it needed to be true to its own voice. He also earned quite a few devoted fans, all of whom watched in rapt silence as he rocked and swayed behind his stand-up fretless bass. It wasn't so much the notes he played but what he did with the space between them.
Drums, 1998-1999
A peanut-butter-lov'n, ham-fisted Michigan transplant who constantly challenges himself on the drums, Chuck played with TWBA briefly at the end of 1998 and into the spring of 1999 (including an amazing show at the ol' Crocodile one cold Saturday night!) before musical differences surfaced.
John Standley, The Whole Bolivian Army STANDLEY, JOHN
Drums, 1994, 1999
John enjoyed two separate stints with the band. He joined TWBA for a few months in 1994 until personality differences made his first stay in the band a short one. He then took over for Chuck in April of 1999, but stayed only briefly due to prior commitments. Unfortunately for TWBA, his playing never made it onto an album (at least not yet). He's a natural on the drums and an all around good egg.
Tommy Thew, The Whole Bolivian Army THEW, TOMMY
Guitar, engineer, 2002-2009
TWBA first met Tommy at a Slapdash show at the Sit & Spin many moons ago. A friendship was struck, and before we knew it, Tommy was recording Be (2001) and proclaiming it a fine recording. Then bass player Jay Perry, longing for more grrrr in our grrrr, soon began begging for a second guitarist while pointing out that Tommy was a guitarist. We finally called Tommy and asked, "Will you come and play with us?" He did just that on War Stories (2003), for which he brought his Marshall half stack. He wore two hats on the EP Morning After Food Poisoning in the South of France (2008), sitting behind the recording console and playing guitar.
Dave Warburton, The Whole Bolivian Army WARBURTON, DAVE
Drums, 1995-1999, 2003, present
Monster of groove and all things -alicious, Dave logged five years with the band over three separate periods. He first joined TWBA in early '95. He left toward the end of 1998 before rejoining the following summer to record Amnesty (1999). He left again shortly thereafter, but briefly rejoined in the fall of 2002 to record War Stories (2003). In all, he played roughly 150 shows with the band while recording four full-length albums, one demo and several preproduction and live tapes. He went on to play with the Souvenirs and Redneck Girlfriend, among others. In 2013, he returned to record four songs on Siren.