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THANK YOU | Scream, our latest album, has been heard around the world, thanks to Graham Duff at Totally RadioNWCZCafe Racer RadioSeattle Wave Radio, Dan's Tunes, Queens of NoizeTonspion, UM SquadRadio T Chemnitz 102.7 FM (Miserable Monday), KaaoszineLast Day Deaf, Music & Fashion, Synthpop Your WorldGuitars Are Better, From the Strait, The Basement Tapes with Nick & Bootsy, Phil Crowder at Sheppey FM, Indie Cool, BTR Today, and Fresh Sounds by Leg Puppy.

NEWS | We'd like to welcome back to the band Mr. Jay Perry, who has returned to the Northwest after spending several years in Phoenix, Arizona. Jay has always had good timing and came along just as we found ourselves in need of a new bass player. Jay is no stranger to the band. His playing can be heard on three TWBA albums: Spinner, Amnesty, and Be.

Speaking of the latter, Be, our fourth full-length album and a long-time fan favorite, is turning 21 this year (the same age as Gibson, our drummer!). To celebrate, we've just released it on vinyl. Want your own copy (plus a free download of the whole album)? Go HERE!