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Previous shows

3/3/23 The Factory  Luxe (Seattle, WA)
2/18/23 The Crypt (Olympia, WA)
1/28/23 Spanish Ballroom (Tacoma, WA)
11/11/22 Wild Man Brewing Gastropub (Olympia, WA)
10/29/22 The Valley (Tacoma, WA)
7/2/22 Spanish Ballroom (Tacoma, WA)
4/22/22 The Valley (Tacoma, WA)
8/12/20 One Last Dance (farewell to Louie G's livestream)
6/17/20 Louie G's (live-stream)
4/17/20 For Etta (Facebook live-streaming benefit for Etta Projects)
3/19/20 TWBA Retrospective (Facebook live-streaming)
3/6/20 Louie G's (Tacoma, WA)
2/14/20 The Swiss (Tacoma, WA)
1/9/20 The Spud Goodman Show (
12/13/19 Louie G's (Fife, WA)
10/26/19 Slim's Last Chance (Seattle, WA)
10/11/19 Louie G's (Fife, WA)
8/23/19 Cellar Door (Port Townsend, WA)
8/22/19 Concerts on the Dock (Port Townsend, WA)
8/9/19 The Swiss (Tacoma, WA)
7/13/19 Louie G's (Fife, WA)
6/15/19 Louie G's (Fife, WA)
3/1/19 The Swiss (Tacoma, WA)
2/2/19 O'Malley's (Tacoma, WA)
1/11/19 The Plaid Pig (Tacoma, WA)
12/9/18 The Skylark (Seattle, WA)
10/5/18 Space Concert Club (Salem, OR)
10/5/18 Metropolis (Woodburn, OR)
9/27/18 TWBA in the Attic, Ep. 4 (Facebook live-streaming)
7/22/18 Stuff the Bus Bash (Seattle, WA)
7/14/18 West Seattle Summer Fest/Verity Branch Grand Opening (Seattle, WA)
6/24/18 Jazzbones (Tacoma, WA)
6/17/18 Fremont Fair (Seattle, WA)
4/12/18 TWBA in the Attic, Ep. 3 (Facebook live-streaming)
2/28/18 TWBA in the Attic, Ep. 2 (Facebook live-streaming)
2/15/18 TWBA in the Attic, Ep. 1 (Facebook live-streaming)
6/18/17 Meeker Days (Puyallup, WA) 
7/23/16 Louie G's (Fife, WA) 
5/7/16 Tim's Tavern (Seattle, WA) 
4/2/16 Louie G's (Fife, WA) 
4/2/14 MB's birthday bash ( 
3/21/14 TWBA Lunch Club ( 
3/14/14 The Sunset (Seattle, WA) 
3/7/14 TWBA Lunch Club ( 
12/14/13 An Evening with TWBA ( 
10/29/13 Tuesday Night at the Kite House ( 
9/18/13 Wednesday Night at the Kite House ( 
8/24/13 First Avenue South Block Party (Kent, WA) 
8/3/13 Anacortes Arts Festival (Anacortes, WA) 
7/27/13 Chalet West (North Bend, WA) 
7/19/13 Bite of Seattle (Seattle, WA) 
7/6/13 High Dive (Seattle, WA) 
6/8/13 Hale's Palladium (Seattle, WA) 
5/11/13 Harmon Tap Room (Tacoma, WA) 
3/8/13 AC3 Winter Court (Marysville, WA) 
12/31/11 First Night (Tacoma, WA) 
7/10/11 Skylark (Seattle, WA) 
6/26/11 Seattle Peace Concerts (Seattle, WA) 
6/18/11 Meeker Days (Puyallup, WA) 
6/17/11 Edmonds Arts Festival (Edmonds, WA) 
6/11/11 The HUB (Tacoma, WA) 
2/25/11 The Mandolin Cafe (Tacoma, WA) 
2/4/11 Ground Zero Teen Center (Bellevue, WA) 
7/18/10 Bite of Seattle (Seattle, WA) 
7/15/10 Broadway Farmers Market (Tacoma, WA) 
6/26/10 Rock 'n' Roll Seattle Marathon (Seattle, WA) 
6/19/10 Meeker Days (Puyallu, WA) 
6/18/10 Meeker Days (Puyallup, WA) 
6/18/10 Edmonds Arts Festival (Edmonds, WA) 
6/12/10 Maple Valley Days (Maple Valley, WA) 
5/15/10 U-District Street Fair (Seattle, WA) 
4/11/10 Skylark (Seattle, WA) 
3/13/10 LWUMC (Kirkland, WA) 
2/20/10 The Mandolin Cafe (Tacoma, WA) 
11/7/09 Jet Artist Cooperative (Tacoma, WA) 
10/2/09 The Mandolin Cafe (Tacoma, WA) 
1/17/09 2 Wheel Blues Showroom (Lakewood, WA) 
9/2/08 6th Ave Farmers Market (Tacoma, WA) 
8/27/08 The Sunset (Seattle, WA) 
8/10/08 Skylark (Seattle, WA) 
7/9/08 High Dive (Seattle, WA) 
6/14/08 Super Saturday (Olympia, WA) 
6/13/08 Edmonds Arts Festival (Edmonds, WA) 
5/23/08 Allen Creek Malawi benefit show (Marysville, WA) 
8/2/07 Summer Nights at the Food Coop (Port Townsend, WA) 
9/23/06 Green Frog Acoustic Tavern (Bellingham, WA) 
9/7/06 Summer Nights at the Food Coop (Port Townsend, WA) 
8/26/06 Hotwire Coffee (Shoreline, WA) 
8/5/06 Farmers Market (Port Townsend, WA) 
7/14/06 Sirens (Port Townsend, WA) 
7/08/06 Hop Vine (Seattle, WA) 
5/12/06 Sirens (Port Townsend, WA) 
10/15/04 Noon Moon Café (Moses Lake, WA) 
9/25/04 Sirens (Port Townsend, WA) 
9/18/04 Panamonica's (Tacoma, WA) 
8/6/04 Music in the Park (Olympia, WA) 
7/20/04 Summer Concert Series (Bellingham, WA) 
7/16/04 Bite of Seattle (Seattle, WA) 
6/12/04 Super Saturday (Olympia, WA) 
4/17/04 Lakepointe (Kenmore, WA) 
2/28/04 Pogacha's (Issaquah, WA) 
11/22/03 Stuart's Coffee House (Bellingham, WA) 
10/25/03 Conan's Pub (Portland, OR) 
10/18/03 Rocksport (Seattle, WA) 
10/16/03 Wild Buffalo (Bellingham, WA) 
9/26/03 Sirens (Port Townsend, WA) 
9/19/03 Rendezvous Jewel Box Theater (Seattle, WA) 
8/1/03 Central Saloon (Seattle, WA) 
7/18/03 Patti Summer's Cabaret (Seattle, WA) 
7/13/03 Seahawks Stadium (Seattle, WA) 
6/20/03 Doc Maynards (Seattle, WA) 
5/23/03 Rendezvous Jewel Box Theater (Seattle, WA) 
5/9/03 Rialto Theater (Tacoma, WA) 
4/26/03 Sirens (Port Townsend, WA) 
10/5/02 Central Saloon (Seattle, WA) 
8/10/02 Summer Concert Series (Bellingham, WA) 
7/19/02 Bite of Seattle (Seattle, WA) 
7/6/02 U-District Farmer's Market (Seattle, WA) 
5/26/02 Pike Place Market Street Festival (Seattle, WA) 
5/19/02 U-District Street Fair (Seattle, WA) 
5/11/02 Shakabrah Java (Tacoma, WA) 
4/27/02 Apple Blossom Festival (Wenatchee, WA) 
4/12/02 Shoboat (Tacoma, WA) 
3/28/02 ToST (Seattle, WA) 
3/16/02 Central Saloon (Seattle, WA) 
12/1/01 Easy Street Records (Seattle, WA) 
11/3/01 The Central (Seattle, WA) 
10/26/01 Borders Books (Tacoma, WA) 
10/20/01 U-District Farmer's Market (Seattle, WA) 
10/16/01 United Way Benefit (Issaquah, WA) 
9/22/01 Fremont Oktoberfest (Seattle, WA) 
8/26/01 Seattle Peace Concerts (Seattle, WA) 
8/24/01 Stuart's Fringe Festival (Bellingham, WA) 
8/18/01 Wild Buffalo alley party (Bellingham, WA) 
8/12/01 Issaquah Music Festival (Issaquah, WA) 
7/27/01 Aquafest (Lake Stevens, WA) 
7/21/01 Shoboat (Tacoma, WA) 
7/15/01 Yakima Folklife Festival (Yakima, WA) 
7/7/01 Easy Street Records (Seattle, WA) 
6/30/01 Hopvine Pub (Seattle, WA) 
6/29/01 Taste of Tacoma (Tacoma, WA) 
6/23/01 Elysian (Seattle, WA) 
6/16/01 Microbrewfest (Kirkland, WA) 
6/8/01 Sirens (Port Townsend, WA) 
5/27/01 Pike Place Market Festival (Seattle, WA) 
5/24/01 Wild Buffalo (Bellingham, WA) 
5/20/01 U-District Street Fair (Seattle, WA) 
5/6/01 Apple Blossom Festival (Wenatchee, WA) 
12/8/00 Speakeasy (Seattle, WA) 
11/4/00 Rockrgrl Conference (Seattle, WA) 
10/20/00 Sit & Spin (Seattle, WA) 
9/30/00 Stuart's Coffee House (Bellingham, WA) 
9/23/00 Elysian (Seattle, WA) 
8/12/00 Bite of Portland (Portland, OR) 
7/30/00 Art on the Ave (Tacoma, WA) 
7/28/00 Aquafest (Lake Stevens, WA) 
7/23/00 Bite of Seattle (Seattle, WA) 
7/8/00 Summer Jam (Federal Way, WA) 
6/30/00 The Harmon (Tacoma, WA) 
6/17/00 Fremont Fair (Seattle, WA) 
6/17/00 Edmonds Arts Festival (Edmonds, WA) 
6/9/00 Tonic Lounge (Portland, OR) 
6/3/00 WOW Hall (Eugene, OR) 
5/28/00 Pike Place Market Festival (Seattle, WA) 
5/20/00 The Harmon (Tacoma, WA) 
5/12/00 OK Hotel (Seattle, WA) 
5/6/00 3B (Bellingham, WA) 
4/15/00 Stuart's Coffee House (Bellingham, WA) 
4/14/00 Tractor Tavern (Seattle, WA) 
3/24/00 Up & Up (Bellingham, WA) 
3/19/00 Music Millennium (Portland, OR) 
3/18/00 Mt. Tabor (Portland, OR) 
3/11/00 The Harmon (Tacoma, WA) 
2/26/00 Old Town Ale House (Seattle, WA) 
2/11/00 2 Louie's Ballroom (Blaine, WA) 
2/5/00 The Drink (Seattle, WA) 
1/21/00 Graceland (Seattle, WA) 
1/14/00 Father John's (Bellingham, WA) 
1/8/00 Mt. Tabor (Portland, OR) 
12/18/99 Rupert's (Seattle, WA) 
12/18/99 KCMU Live Room (Seattle, WA) 
12/11/99 Outa Bounz (Lynnwood, WA) 
12/9/99 The Swiss (Tacoma, WA) 
12/5/99 The Fenix (Seattle, WA) 
11/20/99 Rainbow (Seattle, WA) 
11/6/99 Susie's Hollywood Café (Yakima, WA) 
10/28/99 Tractor Tavern (Seattle, WA) 
10/16/99 Broadway Performance Hall (Seattle, WA) 
7/17/99 Hop Vine (Seattle, WA) 
7/3/99 Alki Music Fest (Seattle, WA) 
6/12/99 Rainbow (Seattle, WA) 
5/22/99 OK Hotel (Seattle, WA) 
5/16/99 Viking Fest (Poulsbo, WA) 
5/8/99 Up & Up (Bellingham, WA) 
4/16/99 Raindancer (Seattle, WA) 
4/10/99 Hop Vine (Seattle, WA) 
3/26/99 Colourbox (Seattle, WA) 
3/13/99 Rainbow (Seattle, WA) 
3/13/99 Tower Records (Seattle, WA) 
3/12/99 Outback Jack's (Spokane, WA) 
3/6/99 ABC Annex (Auburn, WA) 
2/27/99 Off Ramp (Seattle, WA) 
2/12/99 ABC Annex (Auburn, WA) 
1/23/99 Central Saloon (Seattle, WA) 
1/16/99 Crocodile Café (Seattle, WA) 
1/2/99 4th Ave Tavern (Olympia, WA) 
11/21/98 Doublewide (Bellingham, WA) 
11/20/98 Outback Jack's (Spokane, WA) 
11/14/98 Capitol Theater (Olympia, WA) 
11/14/98 Bulldog News (Olympia, WA) 
11/13/98 Colourbox (Seattle, WA) 
11/7/98 WOW Hall (Eugene, OR) 
11/6/98 Berbati's Pan (Portland, OR) 
10/24/98 Black Box (Mercer Island, WA) 
10/23/98 Land Trust Hall (Vashon Island, WA) 
10/16/98 4th Ave Tavern (Olympia, WA) 
10/10/98 Elysian Brewing Co. (Seattle, WA) 
9/25/98 U-Sports Bar (Seattle, WA) 
9/19/98 Port Townsend High School (Port Townsend, WA) 
9/12/98 Colourbox (Seattle, WA) 
8/29/98 Off Ramp (Seattle, WA) 
8/14/98 KGRG Awards Banquet (Enumclaw, WA) 
7/17/98 Bite of Seattle (Seattle, WA) 
7/12/98 Seattle Peace Concert (Seattle, WA) 
7/3/98 Sit & Spin (Seattle, WA) 
6/25/98 Shark Club (Kirkland, WA) 
6/20/98 Fremont Fair (Seattle, WA) 
6/12/98 Tony's Coffee House (Bellingham, WA) 
6/6/98 Lake Forest Inn (Kenmore, WA) 
6/22/98 Planet Hot Rod (Fife, WA) 
5/17/98 KGRG Local Motion Show (Auburn, WA) 
5/9/98 Colourbox (Seattle, WA) 
5/7/98 Crocodile Café (Seattle, WA) 
4/9/98 Shark Club (Kirkland, WA) 
4/3/98 ABC Annex (Auburn, WA) 
3/14/98 Hannah's (Olympia, WA) 
3/7/98 Rocksport (Seattle, WA) 
2/25/98 Fenix (Seattle, WA) 
2/6/98 U-Sports Bar (Seattle, WA) 
1/30/98 Java Jump (Fife, WA) 
1/21/98 Jillian's (Seattle, WA) 
1/10/98 Crocodile Café (Seattle, WA) 
12/18/97 Tractor Tavern (Seattle, WA) 
12/11/97 Parkers (Shoreline, WA) 
12/6/97 Odyssey (Seattle, WA) 
11/15/97 Sub Zero (Seattle, WA) 
11/9/97 KISW's "Seattle Zone" (Seattle, WA) 
11/8/97 Central Tavern (Tacoma, WA) 
11/7/97 Channel 29 Live! (Seattle, WA) 
10/31/97 Russell's Sports Inn (Bellingham, WA) 
9/20/97 Sub Zero (Seattle, WA) 
9/13/97 3-B (Bellingham, WA) 
9/6/97 Capitol Theater (Olympia, WA) 
9/4/97 Crocodile Café (Seattle, WA) 
8/30/97 Central Tavern (Tacoma, WA) 
8/22/97 Jimmy Z's (Everett, WA) 
7/29/97 Crocodile Café (Seattle, WA) 
7/26/97 U-Sports Bar (Seattle, WA) 
7/25/97 Cosmos (Bellingham, WA) 
6/29/97 Ballard Firehouse (Seattle, WA) 
6/20/97 U-Sports Bar (Seattle, WA) 
6/19/97 Area 51 (Seattle, WA) 
6/7/97 Ballard Firehouse (Seattle, WA) 
6/6/97 ABC (Auburn, WA) 
5/28/97 Colourbox (Seattle, WA) 
5/18/97 Java Jump (Fife, WA) 
5/17/97 U-Sports Bar (Seattle, WA) 
5/9/97 Jimmy Z's (Everett, WA) 
2/28/97 SeaTac Community Center (SeaTac, WA) 
2/25/97 Colourbox (Seattle, WA) 
2/14/97 Java Jump (Fife, WA) 
2/2/97 U-Sports Bar (Seattle, WA) 
1/21/97 Seattle Rep. Theater (Seattle, WA) 
1/15/97 Colourbox (Seattle, WA) 
1/10/97 Seattle Rep. Theater (Seattle, WA) 
1/1/97 Seattle Rep. Theater (Seattle, WA) 
12/27/96 Jimmy Z's (Everett, WA) 
12/20/96 U-Sports Bar (Seattle, WA) 
12/11/96 Giggles (Seattle, WA) 
11/11/96 Romper Room (Seattle, WA) 
10/30/96 Colourbox (Seattle, WA) 
10/20/96 Seattle Rep. Theater (Seattle, WA) 
10/15/96 Ballard Firehouse (Seattle, WA) 
10/5/96 Rendezvous (Seattle, WA) 
9/14/96 Renezvous (Seattle, WA) 
8/25/96 Everett Naval Commons (Everett, WA) 
7/6/96 Rendezvous (Seattle, WA) 
7/4/96 Jimmy Z's (Everett, WA) 
6/19/96 Jimmy Z's (Everett, WA) 
6/15/96 Casino's (Everett, WA) 
5/31/96 Garfield's (Everett, WA) 
3/20/96 Off Ramp (Seattle, WA) 
3/16/96 Bogey's (Seattle, WA) 
2/10/96 Bogey's (Seattle, WA) 
1/30/96 Colourbox (Seattle, WA) 
1/3/96 Off Ramp (Seattle, WA) 
12/9/95 Club Broadway (Everett, WA) 
12/4/95 Off Ramp (Seattle, WA) 
11/30/95 Gibson's (Seattle, WA) 
11/21/95 Ballard Firehouse (Seattle, WA) 
11/10/95 Metropolis (Seattle, WA) 
10/28/95 Madison's Café & Music House (Seattle, WA) 
10/4/95 Ballard Firehouse (Seattle, WA) 
9/29/95 The New World (Seattle, WA) 
9/22/95 Metropolis (Seattle, WA) 
8/27/95 Taste of Shoreline (Shoreline, WA) 
8/25/95 Under the Rail (Seattle, WA) 
5/6/95 Beatnix (Seattle, WA) 
4/29/95 Rendezvous (Seattle, WA) 
4/20/95 Beatnix (Seattle, WA) 
4/14/95 Rendezvous (Seattle, WA) 
9/16/94 Gibson's (Seattle, WA) 
4/26/94 Romper Room (Seattle, WA) 
4/6/94 Swan Café (Seattle, WA) 
3/23/94 The Trestle (Everett, WA) 
3/7/94 Noble China (Kent, WA) 
2/28/94 Romper Room (Seattle, WA) 
2/8/94 Romper Room (Seattle, WA) 
12/20/93 Romper Room (Seattle, WA) 
12/4/93 Off Ramp (Seattle, WA) 
8/30/93 Off Ramp (Seattle, WA) 
8/11/93 Swan Café (Seattle, WA) 
7/?/93 The Ditto (Seattle, WA) 
5/?/93 The New World (Seattle, WA) 
4/?/93 Romper Room (Seattle, WA) 
3/?/93 Romper Room (Seattle, WA)


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